Making Caring & Consistent Healthcare Connections

The Finger Lakes-Southern Tier Behavioral Health Community Collaborative (FLST BHCC) is a network of providers delivering the entire spectrum of behavioral health services. The goal of FLST-BHCC is to enhance quality care through integrated care, including improving housing stability, food security, and other aspects of living that impact our community’s health and well-being. 

The FLST-BHCC strengthens its network by facilitating shared infrastructure and administrative capacity, collective quality management, and network-based clinical integration, improving the value of behavioral health care. The FLST-BHCC is part of New York State’s transformation of Medicaid Managed Care to a value-based system.        


FLST BHCC Health Engagement Project


Clients Received Outreach


Clients Received Outreach Specific to Service Needs


     Out of 228 clients with outcome data available, 27% were connected to essential services     

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