RHIO Alert Response Implementation

The FLST BHCC identified reducing reliance on emergency and inpatient services and connecting individuals to outpatient services as network priorities. Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) alerts were recognized by the network as a way to identify individuals who have been admitted to or discharged from emergency or inpatient services. By tracking these alerts, the FLST BHCC and member agencies can identify clients who utilize emergency services or have been admitted or discharged from inpatient stays to initiate targeted follow up and ensure they receive prompt outreach in an effort to positively impact client outcomes.

QI Specialists worked with agencies to support those who were not receiving RHIO alerts to select a RHIO that best fits their needs and geographical location. Agencies that were already receiving RHIO alerts were assisted in analyzing their process for receiving and responding to RHIO alerts. In many cases, processes for receiving RHIO client and network consents were incorporated into intake procedures and agency staff responsible for receiving alerts were identified.

RHIO Implementation One-Page Summary

RHIO Alerts One-Pager

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