System Transformation Project

The FLST BHCC System Transformation Project is focused on providing infrastructure support to our network of agencies as they continue to evolve as performance-driven organizations positioned for success in a value-based contracting environment. Funded by the Finger Lakes Performing Provider System (FLPPS), this project provides each participating agency with data analytic support focusing on key indicators of quality and value, a part-time Quality Improvement Specialist to build internal agency capacity and resources to utilize data to drive decisions and improve performance, and access to a pool of experts at CCSI in the areas of continuous quality improvement, data analytics, financial performance, disparities reduction, process improvement, and transformation to practice that is evidence-based, trauma-informed, person-centered, and results-focused.

This project is framed around a Performance-Driven Roadmap (see below) that uses data-driven continuous quality improvement practices to drive system transformation through standardized approaches and best practices that are tailored to meet the unique needs and sustainability plans of each agency.

System Transformation Final Report

System Transformation Agency Action Plan Roadmap

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